This article focuses on the excitement of a graduating student as well as the hardship faced by students. The points discussed in this article have been proven to be true over the years. Let’s discuss briefly the excitements of graduating students.

Excitements of a Graduating Student

There is a lot of o pleasure that comes with graduating from school. It is time to feel responsible, it is time to get a job and feel like an independent personality. There is a feeling of total freedom from all forms of stress that comes with being a graduate, and some of these points will be looked into.

  1. Except there is a job awaiting you after graduation, there is always an anticipation for a break
  2. There is a feeling of making lots of money immediately after school.
  3. Graduating students always anticipate new friends immediately after school. They believe that they will get to meet new people in their place of work and other locations after school.
  4. It is time to start life from scratch. Graduating students always picture the new life after graduation. They always have a feeling that after graduation, you will be placed in a whole new world where they will need to start from scratch.
  5. The sense of total freedom from reading, group projects, term papers, quizzes, and tests.
  6. Graduation creates room for bigger adventures with higher degrees of freedom.

The truth is that graduating from college comes with a lot of excitement and the experience is incredible.

Next, we will be looking into the hardships faced by students during the school days. Being a student is not a very easy task because many students are bound to face challenges. Statistics have proven that these points have been thoroughly observed and found to be true.

 Hardships Faced by Students

  1. Time Management

Time management is one of the fundamental problems encountered by students in many schools today, and this is caused by ignorance in most cases. Sometimes, students get too engaged in many activities, and they end up being choked with the problem of time availability.

  1. Debt

Due to the cost of living and other school expenses, many students fall into the issue of debt. They tend to borrow money from other persons to ensure that they survive. One way to handle this challenge is to seek the advice of a financial counselor. The financial counselors are adequately trained to advise students on money management. Some of these students can also help themselves by looking for some mini jobs to fetch them some cash.

  1. Depression and Stress

Students fall victim of these challenges in most cases. Probably because of the activities of the school, they end up being emotionally destabilized because they encounter a lot of stressful activities. When this occurs repeatedly, it sounds a bell that the services of a counselor is highly needed.

  1. Health Failure

Students are also faced with regular health challenges as a result of poor welfare.

  1. Partying

Since so many students find it difficult to set boundaries for themselves, they fall victims of partying. This is not to say that it is wrong to the party, but one’s ability to know his limits matters.

  1. Relationships

Lastly, one major challenge of students is the issue of wrong relationships. Some students are tied to the mistake of going into relationships at the wrong time and with the wrong people, and this has gone a long way to affect their academic pursuit.

When the above-stated problems are well managed using the right solution mediums, the student’s community will get a better schooling experience.